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How hard would you fight to bring salvation to your people?

Xotiathon, or the Alien Olympics, provides the winner with any resource they ask for to bring back to their people. Water, food, precious metal, or even an energy source - any naturally occurring provision will be lavished upon the victor’s civilization. Xotiathon welcomes all alien species to face its challenges in the name of aiding their homeland!

~* ~

Host: :iconfluffyz:

Judges: :iconchimericmachinations::iconalfafilly:

Auditions are OPEN and come to a close on October 20th, 2017!

Click here for more information.

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News | Auditions | Prizes | Character References | Rules and Info | FAQ | Competitors | About

Hello everyone! There are officially 7 full days until the deadline for auditions! October 20th is the final day. The deadline will be called at 12:00 a.m EST time on October 21st, though minor leeway is granted for those in different timezones. However, we prefer that everyone aim to get their pages in by then unless they have an extension.

If you need a time extension to finish your audition, now is the time to ask by noting the group; we can grant up to two extra weeks (until the end of November 3rd) based on how much material you have already completed. Those who have completed part of their auditions already are more likely to be granted more time.

Please link your pages on the group in a comment so we can see them and they can be accepted!

This has been a recurring problem, and we'd hate to not get your material in because we didn't know it existed.

Good job so far everybody and good luck!

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News | Auditions | Prizes | Character References | Rules and Info | FAQ | Competitors | About

Greetings everyone! Since we have a lot of new potentials looking into Xotiathon, here is an in-depth guide to what our little OCT is about.
But first, a quick note: please be patient with us as we review your references and auditions! We may be 3 people but we have very busy lives and we want to make 100% certain everyone gets reviewed timely and fairly! Also please note you more than likely will be asked to change something on your character, particularly in their strengths/weaknesses!

But all those details will be mentioned below. So without further ado...

What is an OCT?

An OCT is an Original Character Tournament. It is a bracket-style competition heavily based on storytelling. There have been many OCTs here on deviantART over the years, going back pre-2009!
OCTs have 3 major parts:
• Character Reference
• Audition
• Rounds



To join an OCT, you firstly need a character! In our OCT's case, we require an ALIEN character! Your character for our OCT needs:
A visual reference. If you cannot draw, please note the Group and we will help you out!
A flag design that represents the character's planet/race. This is a made-up flag, not an existing one! Please be sure to have your character wearing the flag colors somewhere on them (bandana, shirt, pin, etc.)
A filled-out form in the Artist's Description which can be found HERE.
• • Optional: A sporty/patriotic outfit (this can be a leotard, shorts, or necktie with their flag colors/design). This is NOT required, however.

Your alien design MUST be visually alien. Please refer to THIS HANDY GUIDE BELOW to make sure your character is "alien enough". If you are concerned, send us their reference and we will tell you!
Guide to Alien Enough Designs by fluffyz

It is important, too, that your character has BALANCED strengths and weaknesses! Abilities also count in with strengths. Count each out! 5 vs 5, 3 vs 6, etc.

••You may have MORE WEAKNESSES than Strengths but NOT the other way around!

•• Some things that do not count as strengths/weaknesses are personality traits or instances in which the pro/con is irrelevant or will never be used. EXAMPLES of unusable weaknesses/strengths: Ability/inability to swim, ability/inability to withstand extraordinary temperatures or environments (fire, lava, snow, etc.). These are irrelevant because there will likely be no instances in this tournament where characters are thrust unto those environments, so they aren't particularly helpful. Characters MAY have intolerance to temperatures, but they must be reasonable and logical!

•• Please make sure you THOROUGHLY DESCRIBE your weaknesses/strengths! Character has toxic bite: How potent is it? How long do the effects last? Character has excellent hearing: How good? How far can they hear?

Examples of acceptable references (with info included) may be found here:……

My character is ready to be reviewed! Where do I send it?
You may send the Group a direct note, comment on the profile, or link it on the Character References journal. Whichever you prefer! Remember to PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US. Expect to make changes to your designs/information as well! It's alright if you have to change things: it usually happens with everyone and you did nothing wrong!



Once your character has been approved WE WILL INVITE THE REFERENCE TO OUR GALLERY.
After that, you may begin your Audition in the format of a story! Auditions may be:
• Comics
• Literature
• Animations
• Illustrated Literature
• Storyboard/Animatic
• Whatever else: as long as it tells a cohesive story!

What do I include in my Audition?
• Your character arriving at the Xothiathon stadium. The stadium is a big shiny dome with lights lining the edges. There is a space port attached to the side of it. Various flags decorate the walls. YOU MAY TAKE ARTISTIC LIBERTY ON THE APPEARANCE! This includes what the inside of the dome looks like! It's alright if everyone's interpretations are different: that's the fun of it!
• After your character arrives, have them register for the tournament with one or all of the judges. Slica, Suls and/or Janie. They need to have their paperwork with them that shows they were already registered to participate.
• Once registered, your character will be given an ICH robot of their own. These robots help translate languages and other things for your character!

Information located HERE.

Some examples of past OCT Auditions (from the judges) may be read here:
ToH: Audition pages 1-2 by AlfaFilly HA-Audition p1 by fluffyz A Close Shave - p1 by ChimericMachinations

Where do I link my Auditions?
You may link them on the front page, in a note, or on the Auditions journal.

How long does my Audition have to be?
As short or as long as you'd like (within reason)! If you can fit all the requirements in and still tell a compelling story, you'll be golden.

If your Audition passes, you will be accepted into the OCT! Congratulations! You will also be invited to join the Group as a member. Note that, depending on how many people submit their Auditions and complete them, NOT EVERYONE will get in! See Judging question further down for details on how these things are judged.




So you got your reference approved and your Audition passed: now it's time to compete!

What do I include in my Rounds?
• First, a PROMPT will be provided from us judges. This prompt will tell you the setting and theme of that particular round. They are usually very basic, allowing you to be creative with it!
• You will be PUT AGAINST another competitor: another dA user. Your character vs. their character.  These pairs are completely randomized.
• You must then write a story (comic, literature, animation, etc.) of your character DEFEATING your opponent's character. You may do this however you choose as long as it fits in with the prompt's theme! Do they physically fight? Do they play a game? Do they get tricked? It's up to you! Depending on the prompt, you may even KILL your opponent.
• Note THESE ARE NOT COLLABS! You AND your opponent will write your OWN stories fighting the other!
• After the round ends, the judges will go over BOTH rounds and decide which one WINS. The WINNER will move on to the next round while the other competitor will lose and their time in the tournament will be over. The winner's entry will become CANON. This means if you lost and your character dies: that's canon and your character is dead! At least in this OCT~

This process will continue, cutting down competitors until there is a FINAL TWO and those two competitors will fight and the winner will be the champion and receive the resource for their people!

How long will rounds last?
Two months, typically, with extensions only if necessary.

If I continue to pass my rounds, how long could this OCT last?
OCTs are lengthy and could last a year or more. They take immense dedication because of this and you should consider whether or not you have time to devote to it before auditioning! There's nothing worse than having a competitor drop on you and you winning by default: there's no fun in that!

How long do my Rounds have to be?
As short or as long as you'd like (within reason)! If you can fit all the requirements in and still tell a compelling story, you'll be golden. It would be best to give enough material to properly portray the characters, but it's truly up to you.

Some examples of past OCT Rounds (from the judges) may be read here:
ToH:R2 vs Bane p1
Part 1:
Sweet wind that blows,
Buffeting the trees,
Innocent and evil, juxtaposed,
Leaving memories,
Our spectrum, interposed.

Planet: Ambivia
14 Years Ago

The fields of Ambivia were quite unlike those of Illiánic. They were inconsistent in their foundations: hills and dips carving into the landscape as far as your eyes could see. Illiánic's were completely flat, a basic carpet of green, or whatever color the grass happened to be that time of year. It was difficult to get used to, but, as with everything else, it would soon become the norm.
Near the wooden fence line stood the preteen Chordata. As the wind swept across the grassy fields, it flew up to her face, tossing about her curly red hair. The temperature was pleasant that day, the sun high overhead, only a few spare clouds daring to linger about for very long. It was hot, as every Ambivian day commonly was, but the wind proved a great source of natural air conditioning.
Chordata leaned against one
ToH:R5 vs Hoatzin END by AlfaFilly RESET Round 2 Page 1 by fluffyz Hemeric Meridian - page 1 by ChimericMachinations



In the cases of Auditions and Rounds, judging will be based on:
• Creativity
• Effort
• Accuracy of you and your opponent's characters
• The story itself: character development, plot, dialogue etc.
• Quality

Basically, we judge on how well you can tell a story! Make it compelling and creative and just have fun with it!

But what about art quality? What if my art's not as good?
Don't worry, we don't base our judgement too heavily on artistic or writing skill! It IS a component, but we will judge it within reason. Are the images clear? Dialogue balloons in order and easy to read? Are there any spelling errors? Is the text formatted easily so it's nice to read? Is anything confusing? This means it's OKAY if you aren't quite perfect at anatomy yet or do sketches instead of full renders or can't write like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling: as long as you put in effort and took your time on it and that's evident, you'll be fine!


Did we miss anything? Let us know!

Please thoroughly read ALL LINKS provided. They will be invaluable to you! If we missed anything, feel free to comment letting us know!
News | Auditions | Prizes | Character References | Rules and Info | FAQ | Competitors | About


Pixel Alien by SeaFoamRay F2U Starbucks coffee pixel by cIefabIes
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5NAFSimmonsInator Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Want to join but over 20th is near and dunno if I can whip up a quick oc for this.

Is this just a art-only group thing?
Also should the app be so expressive or can I just have it smol and quick in words and stuff?
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student General Artist
No this is an all media OCT! Writing, animation, comics, etc are allowed.

Your audition can be as short as you like! As long as it tells a good story it’ll be fine. Reference sheets can be the same way in terms of simplicity: as long as it shows the character and has the requirements it’s fine.
5NAFSimmonsInator Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see.

So can the good story be short too? Can we perhaps even like update it up after its in or something?
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student General Artist
No, you aren’t allowed to update any entries after the due date as that interferes with the judging process.

We won’t count off on length at all! As long as you portray your character doing what is required (in the auditions case: going to the dome, turning in their paperwork to the judges, and getting their ICH robot) you will have a chance at getting accepted.

When it comes tie for judging, we will accept people who’s auditions best reflected their character (showed personality/bits of story build up), followed the rules, and had effort put in. It doesn’t have to be insane effort given the time, but no misspellings or confusing bits. Quality over quantity.
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